Frankie Louise Fitness


I’m not really sure where to start with this post, but I suppose I should explain why I have decided to start a blog and tell you a little bit about myself…

So hellooooooo i’m Frankie, @frxnkielfitness on Instagram (really famous, follow me) from Birmingham, UK. I’m 21 in a month, which probably means that it’s time to grow up. I’d say i’m pretty sarcastic and a bit of a perfectionist, I’m a part time social butterfly, part time loner and also a little weird… If you can’t already tell. I love chucking heavy weights around the gym and feeling strong af. I do judo sometimes, too.

Last September I moved to Newcastle Upon Tyne to study a Bsc in Sports and Exercise Science, i’ve been into fitness for around 3 years but I’ve always been pretty sporty – competitive in PE at school, I’ve done judo since I was 8 years old, taken part in gymnastics, dance, trampolining etc. I’m not too sure where I’m heading with my degree or what I want to do when I finish but I like inspiring people, even if it’s just one person – so I suppose that’s a start. I’m currently online coaching and I think that’s something I could do permanently; expanding my current business and improving it with the knowledge that I’m constantly gaining from Uni and just being in the fitness industry itself.

I started this blog because I’d like to share tips, experiences, ups and downs from my ‘fitness journey’ in more depth than I can on Instagram because I know that long ass captions bore some people and are sometimes ignored. I’d also like to talk about other things because believe it or not, I really don’t live, breathe and sleep fitness. I’m quite an arty person, I’d like to write a few posts about my personal experiences about Uni, I love fashion (although my everyday attire is either gymwear or jeans) music, makeup, I want to go travelling when I finish Uni too and i’m a HUGE foodie; It’s not ideal that I’m petite therefore my body provides me with a pathetic metabolic rate – and If you follow me on Instagram you probably know that I like to take pictures of my food, a lot…

Or in other words, I’m just bored and wanted to start a blog…

I have a few ideas already that I’m going to write about but if anyone has any suggestions then please please send me a direct message on instagram! I’m going to aim to post once a week maybe!

So that’s my crappy introduction and awkward first post out of the way. If anyone is still reading, thank you for being interested in lil me!! Have a lovely rest of your day!


F xxx